Are you looking for something more than a celebrity endorsement for your favorite products to know if they are really worth it or not? How about a doctor? Not just any doctor, mind you, but the hit TV show “The Doctors” host Dr. Jim Sears! Like many folks out there, Dr. Sears suffers from being a little too sweaty for comfort and can be embarrassed about the physical implications of over-active sweat glands. He gave our Thompson Tee with Hydro Shield Technology a try and was so happy with the results, he decided to share his discovery with millions of people on the popular daytime medical show.

Dr. Sears is so confident with his Thompson Tee that he is willing to show the studio audience a before and after shot of him in his favorite shirt. The after shot shows that he was totally dry and confident in himself. Watch the video below to see Dr. Sears’ take on the Thompson Tee sweat-proof undershirt and how it can help folks like you who have been looking for a discreet and stylish solution to your excessive sweating. Make pit stains and moistness a thing of the past with the highly-effective and affordable Thompson Tee!