Some of us are just really sweaty. Whether it’s a medical condition, or you simply tend to sweat more than your friends, sweating is a part of daily life. But when sweat stains start to creep through your clothes, it’s time to do something about it. Luckily, we can help. Here are the top shirts to stop sweating today.

The Best Shirts to Stop Sweating

For the best shirts to stop sweating, we’ve rounded up both outerwear and undershirt options. The key to finding shirts to stop sweating is the material and design. Many designers today have taken note of the sweaty man’s plight and created clothes to manage excessive sweating.

Mizzen & Main, Ministry of Supply, Vardama and Lawrence Hunt are a few brands who specialize in sweat proof and performance dress shirts. (You can see our full breakdown of the best dress shirts for sweat here.)

Many of these dress shirts focus on keeping your body cool and “wicking” away moisture from your body. They are made of technical, synthetic performance fabrics such as polyester that don’t absorb as much moisture as cotton or linen. The wicking fabric pulls moisture from your body and pushes it to the exterior of your shirt where it can evaporate quickly. However, while it may keep you cooler, sweat wicking shirts can also make sweat marks much more visible, especially if you’re a heavy sweater.

Undershirts to Block Sweat

While outer shirts that stop sweating are a great option, you most likely can’t afford to overhaul your entire wardrobe to only sweat proof, performance wear materials. That’s where a great undershirt comes in.

The purpose of a standard, cotton undershirt is to absorb sweat, provide an insulating layer in cooler temperatures and even compress or “slim” your profile. However, if you’re an excessive sweater, a basic undershirt isn’t enough to stop sweat stains. You need extra protection. There are underarm pads that attach to sleeves, but these can be cumbersome and uncomfortable to wear. And wearing multiple undershirts can be uncomfortable and hot.

Here’s your guide to choosing the best undershirts for sweat.

The Thompson Tee is the best shirt to stop sweating. With a patented sweat proof barrier integrated directly into the armpit, it stops sweat marks in their tracks. Plus, by blocking sweat, it also stops those pesky yellow sweat stains from ruining your clothes. Throw it on under your dress shirts, t-shirt or wear it with jeans and you’re good to go.

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