We designed Thompson Tees to absorb and conceal even the most brutal armpit sweat. If you sweat an extreme amount or suffer from axillary hyperhidrosis, you might sweat through the underarm barrier. Know this is NOT normal, and there are some things you can do to prevent sweating through your Thompson Tee.

Why You’re Sweating Through Your Thompson Tee

If the Thompson Tee can't hold up against your underarm sweat, one of these causes might be to blame:

You're Wearing the Wrong Size 

The size of the sweat proof underarm barrier directly scales to the size of the shirt. If you're sweating through the underarm barrier, you might need a larger size.

Your Thompson Tee Is Defective

Unfortunately, defects are inevitable in manufacturing. In very rare cases, your underarm barrier could have a defect, compromising the effectiveness of the shirt. We take product defects VERY SERIOUSLY and will stand by our 100% sweat proof guarantee if you receive a faulty shirt.

Your Thompson Tee Hasn't Been Properly Cared For

A few missteps can prevent your shirt from absorbing more moisture.

If you wear the undershirt before the underarm barrier has fully dried after washing, it can't hold as much sweat.

Dry cleaning and ironing can also harm your shirt. The chemicals used when dry cleaning and the intense, direct heat from an iron can compromise the sweat proof technology. Proper laundering will help extend the life of your Thompson Tee.

Now that you know why you're sweating through your Thompson Tee, here's what to do about it.

What to Do If You're Sweating Through Your Thompson Tee

Try these tips to make your Thompson Tee more effective.

Get a Larger Size

The sweat proof barrier scales to the size of the shirt. So the first thing you can do is try going up a size.

Trade an Original Fit for a Slim Fit in a Larger Size

If you normally wear an Original Fit shirt, go up a size in a Slim Fit instead. For example, a medium Slim Fit will fit like a small Original Fit and offer more sweat protection.

Trade Your Women’s Shirt for a Men’s

Men’s undershirts have larger underarm barriers than the women’s undershirts — so they soak up more underarm sweat. If you’re a woman and sweating through your Thompson Tee, try a men’s shirt in a smaller size.

Compare the sizing charts for women’s and men’s products to find the right fit. For example, if you normally wear a women’s size small in the Original Fit Scoop Neck, try a men’s extra small in the Slim Fit V-Neck.

Follow These Care Instructions

Taking care of your Thompson Tee is simple. Follow these guidelines:

  • Machine wash in cold or warm water
  • Turn inside out to ensure fabric exposed to the skin is cleaned
  • Do NOT use bleach or non-chlorine bleach
  • Machine dry on medium or low heat or line dry (preferred)
  • Do NOT dry clean
  • Do NOT iron

Double Up Your Thompson Tees

In extreme cases, we’ve heard of customers doubling up on Thompson Tees for the ultimate underarm sweat protection. You can try two layers if all else fails.

Send Back Your Thompson Tee

All Thompson Tee sweat proof undershirts come with a 30 day, 100% sweat proof guarantee. So if your brand-new Thompson Tee isn't stopping your pit sweat, we'll exchange it for free — no questions asked.

We created Thompson Tee to help people like us overcome the embarrassing effects of armpit sweat. We're committed to helping you live sweat-free.

If you’re sweating through your Thompson Tee, and didn't find this post helpful, please let us know here.